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Far-right extremist sentenced after attempting to make explosives

A far-right extremist, who downloaded manuals on how to make guns and explosives, has been sentenced after he was found guilty of terrorism offences.

Vaughn Dolphin, 20, was sentenced to eight years and six months' imprisonment with an 18-month extended licence.

On 27th June 2022, when Dolphin was arrested by police officers from the Counter Terrorism Police, he said: “I’m not a terrorist, OK, I have an interest in chemicals and military memorabilia, that’s all.” After the CPS presented their case in court, it was clear to the jury that Dolphin had started to make a firearm and was in possession of explosive substances.

Nick Price, Head of the CPS Special Crime and Counter Terrorism Division, said: “Vaughn Dolphin not only downloaded and collected documents useful to a terrorist, but he went one step further and attempted to make a firearm and gunpowder. This could have had devastating consequences.

“The racist beliefs he holds are a threat to our society, and it is right that he has been sentenced today for his crimes.”

The CPS proved in court that his ‘memorabilia’ was in fact terrorist documents and publications, including step-by-step templates on how to make a homemade shotgun, and publications about making guns and explosives.

Extreme far-right content was also found on Dolphin’s computer and phone. A folder on Telegram was found labelled ‘right wing’ that had multiple channels in it, one titled ‘Hitler group.’ He had also posted videos online of a terrorist attack carried out in 2022, which showed a mass shooting in Buffalo, New York.

Notes to editors

  • Vaughn Dolphin, 20, (DOB: 17/10/02) has been sentenced to eight years and six months' imprisonment with an 18-month extended licence after he was found guilty of:
    • Possession of terrorist documents, s58 Terrorism Act 2000
    • Disseminating terrorist publications, s2 Terrorism Act 2006
    • Possession of explosives substances, s4 Explosive Substances Act 1883
    • Possession of a firearm with licence, s1 Firearms Act 1968.
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