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Funding open for devices and data for people with learning disabilities

Applications are now open for Digital Lifeline funding, for one week. This is an emergency response project to get devices, data and digital skills support to people with learning disabilities.

If you support people in England with learning disabilities – or work with a self-advocacy group or a community-based organisation that does so – and can begin delivery of the project straight away, you could be eligible to apply

People with a learning disability face much higher risks from COVID-19, including risks to their health and risks of loneliness. Many people with learning disabilities are also digitally excluded. This makes life harder, and makes this emergency response project vital.

Eligible organisations will be able to answer ‘yes’ to all of the below questions:

  • Do you know at least 10 people with a learning disability who are digitally excluded?
  • Do you already support people with learning disabilities in your community? Or, do you have links with self-advocacy groups or other groups or services for people with a learning disability in your community?
  • Can you distribute a device safely to people with a learning disability, and support them to learn how to use it?
  • Can you collect information about each person you support – at the start and at the end? And put this information onto the Good Things CaptureIT secure database?
  • Are you ready to get started straight away?

The deadline for application is 12 PM on Friday 19th February.

As well as the devices and data, delivery partners will get a grant of £100 for every person they support; minimum is 10 people (grant of £1,000). While there is no maximum amount of devices you can apply for, we will prioritise reaching a broad geographic spread of organisations. Additionally, please bear in mind there is a certain amount of work associated with the setting up and distribution of devices and supporting of users, so consider how much you can realistically deliver within the programme's timescales.

Organisations will get access to support and guidance about:

  • Distributing devices safely and securely
  • Getting people started on using their device safely, and doing this remotely
  • Collecting information and filling out the CaptureIT forms
  • Assessing accessibility needs related to learning disabilities and other impairments. Our project partner AbilityNet will be able to help you with supporting and assessing people with multiple and/or profound disabilities - and also run an accessible technology helpline.

Before starting your application, please see the following document for more information about programme delivery, and the conditions of the funding.

Important: Your web browser settings must allow third party cookies in order for you to complete and submit your application.

Once you’ve opened the application form, please check that your browser settings do not ‘block third party cookies’. If they do, change this setting and refresh the webpage before starting your application.

Start your application

NB. You must be a member of the Online Centres Network to apply for this opportunity. Find out about joining the network here. You must be logged into the Online Centres Network website to view the application form.


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