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Get involved with techUK’s Local Public Services Committee (LPSC)

Mission and priorities of the LPSC and how members and councils can get involved

In 2023 techUK’s new Local Public Services Committee (LPSC) was elected. Composed of 23 techUK members, 9 SME reps and 14 from larger companies, the LPSC brings together a diverse range of tech industry leaders who will champion the sector and drive an ambitious programme of activity between techUK and local public services.


The Mission of the committee is to become a ‘voice’ of the technology industry, which local government seeks to listen to and share insights and problems with, in the aim of solving significant challenges in collaboration. 

The theme for the committee in this tenure is ‘digital ambition’, helping council realise their digital ambition and to explore the potential of technology to solve critical business challenges.

Driving forward local government digital ambition

The committee have identified 4 key workstreams – innovation, skills, procurement and influence – to help councils overcome the barriers to transformation as well as build on the opportunities presented by technology and data.

  • Innovation: From demystifying the technologies of today and tomorrow, how they can transform local public service outcomes.,
  • Procurement: Showcasing what good looks like and exploring how procurement can become the enabler to innovation. Helping to create a level playing field and delivering procurement outcomes that deliver the best value for citizens.
  • Skills: Working with the sector and industry to overcome the skills gap and provide insight on the skills of the future to ensure councils are equipped for future tech and data jobs.
  • Influence: To provide strategic influence for the ambition of technology in local government, what is it, what it could be and what needs to change to make it happen.

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