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HMS Duncan deploys to the Red Sea to protect shipping routes

The Type 45 destroyed sailed from Portsmouth to relieve her sister ship, HMS Diamond.

Royal Navy warship HMS Duncan yesterday deployed from Portsmouth to the Red Sea.

The Type 45 destroyer will relieve its sister ship HMS Diamond, which has been protecting shipping lanes in the Red Sea from Houthi attacks since before Christmas.

HMS Duncan is a like-for-like replacement for Diamond – armed with the same Sea Viper missile system and equipped with the same radar systems, which are able to accurately detect faraway threats.

During her deployment, HMS Diamond has shot down nine drones and one missile, launched by Houthis from the coast of Yemen at cargo ships.

The 200 men and women of HMS Duncan have worked to ensure that their ship is ready to deploy, successfully completing trials and training last week in preparation for the deployment, which will see the ship work to ensure freedom of navigation and make international waters safer and more secure for merchant vessels. 

HMS Duncan spent five months leading NATO’s premier task group in the Mediterranean Sea last year, until handing over flagship duties to the Italian Navy in December.

The ship is now ready for more operations, with over 60 new members joining the ship’s company.


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