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Helping you manage contracts and suppliers

In winter 2023, the Welsh Government worked alongside the Cabinet Office to support 10 delegates from the Welsh public sector engage in the Contract Management Capability Programme at Practitioner and Expert levels.

We are delighted to announce that we are re-opening expressions of interest from the Welsh public sector to complete the Practitioner and Expert programmes with the aim to support a further cohort of Welsh contract managers commence the programme in summer 2024. Further details on the programmes can be found here.

The Practitioner programme is a technical contract management qualification. The course has been designed for anyone who manages a supplier or contract as part (or all) of their role, working on medium profile, medium-value contracts with the supplier relationship being medium or high risk. The structured learning programme comprises of 15 modules. It features subject matter-led online workshops, complemented by a couple of Q&A ‘drop-in’ sessions. These are held over 24 weeks.

The Expert programme is a nationally recognised, strategic level development and accreditation programme, with 23 modules (with eight further strategic modules topping-up the initial Practitioner programme modules). The programme is suitable for anyone who works on large (gold) higher-profile, higher risk contracts as part of their role, it is a blend of individual learning, subject matter-led online workshops, online group discussion, and Q&A ‘drop-in’ sessions.

The contract classifications of silver and gold follow the Government Commercial Organisation classifications and Contract Management Professional Standards. Contract managers may wish to assess the level of risk associated with a contract to determine the appropriate level of training. For access to this tool, please contact CommercialCapability@gov.wales

To express your interest in the programme please complete the expression of interest form. All expressions of interest must be submitted by 31 May 2024.

A signed learner agreement must accompany your expression of interest to be considered for sponsorship.


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