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How a social tariff saved hundreds on broadband costs

Lots of people could save money on their broadband bills by switching to a ‘social tariff’ – a lower-cost broadband package available to people who receive certain benefits.

And four providers have also recently introduced new social tariff packages.

EE, Vodafone, Wight Fibre and Community Fibre now offer these lower-cost services, alongside a range of other providers.

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Could you sign up?

If you already have a broadband service, contact your provider to ask if they offer a social tariff. Our guide shows you which providers current offer one.

If your provider doesn’t offer a social tariff, you can switch to one that does. Your provider might let you leave your current contract without paying a penalty fee.

You’re eligible for a social tariff if you or someone in your household claims Universal Credit. Some providers also include people on other benefits such as Pension Credit, Employment and Support Allowance, Jobseeker’s Allowance, and Income Support.

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