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How to keep your garden healthy in the heat

Our gardens are special to so many of us, whether they are a place of relaxation or a place to potter, prune, and plant. However, given the current weather, it’s worth considering how to avoid exhaustion while best serving your garden.


So, with the heat reaching extreme levels, here’s a quick guide on how to keep your garden as cool as possible.

Drought-resistant plants

Some flowers and plants thrive in hot weather and require far less water to survive than others, making gardening much easier.

Plants such as rock rose, evening primrose, and marigolds are just a few examples of more drought-resist plants that can still make an attractive addition to your garden. Using less water is great for the environment too.

Collect rainwater

In the summer, when demand is high, up to 70% of the tap water we use is for gardening. Using a water butt allows you to access a free, natural source of water. Every year, the average UK house roof collects enough rain water to fill 450 water butts, so you may have enough water for your plants.

Don’t overwater your plants

It can be very tempting during hot weather to rush to water our plants, convinced that they will wilt in the scorching heat. But if you overwater your plants, their roots will remain shallow and weak. So, before you grab the watering can, check the soil a few inches below the surface. If it’s still damp, your plants don’t need to be watered; if it’s dry, they do.

Water the soil, not the leaves

When watering your garden, remember to water directly into the soil rather than the leaves to help water reach the roots. Water your plants in the morning or evening when it’s cooler to reduce the impact of evaporation and to help save water.

Let it go brown

Is your lawn turning brown rather than green in the heat?
Don’t worry, lawns recover quickly after rain and don’t need to be watered in between.

Save water in the garden

As well as keeping your garden healthy in the heat, it’s just as important to look after the environment and use water more wisely. Check out our tips to help you save water in the garden.


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