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IPPR - Rent and house price data reaction: Government needs to fix broken planning system says IPPR

Dr Maya Singer Hobbs, senior research fellow at IPPR reacting to today’s house and rent price data

“Today's statistics show a mixed picture. UK house prices have been falling since highs in 2022, but are showing signs of stabilising. Rents, on the other hand, continue to increase with the UK average rent going up 9.2 per cent over the past 12 months, and more than 11 per cent in London. 

"These stats show that whether you are renting or buying, housing is too expensive. If the government really wanted to create more truly affordable housing, they need to fix the broken planning system, reform the land market and speculative housebuilding model, and invest in building good quality social housing.”

Private Rent and House Prices, UK: April 2024

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