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IPPR reacts to Labour’s plans to extend and speed up local bus franchising

Maya Singer Hobbs, IPPR senior research fellow, reacted to Labour’s announcement of a plan to extend and speed up bus franchising, and other changes it says are aimed at improving local bus services

”Buses play a far more important role in people’s lives than many commentators acknowledge, so we welcome signs that Labour recognises this. We are pleased to see plans for further devolution of bus franchising and ownership to mayors and local authorities, who are best placed to deliver services for their regions – something IPPR has long argued for. Funding reform and acceleration of the franchising process should unlock better services across the country.

“With the right additional funding over time, the bus network could go even further to benefit all communities. Our research has shown that increasing bus services in England to London levels could add 2.7 billion more bus journeys a year, reduce emissions by 18 per cent by 2030 and help level up the country, and that’s only in urban areas. Buses are a safe investment, with a return of £4 for every £1 invested, and more funding will ultimately be necessary to realise all the benefits they offer.”

Maya Singer Hobbs is available for interview


David Wastell, director of news and communications: 07921 403651


  1. IPPR’s report on bus network, A smooth ride: Electric buses and the route to a fairer transport system, published last year, is at:
  2. IPPR’s recent report on changing opinions on the transport system, Who gets a good deal? Revealing public attitudes to transport in Great Britain, published earlier this month, is at
  3. IPPR (the Institute for Public Policy Research) is an independent charity working towards a fairer, greener, and more prosperous society. We are researchers, communicators, and policy experts creating tangible progressive change, and turning bold ideas into common sense realities. Working across the UK, IPPR, IPPR North, and IPPR Scotland are deeply connected to the people of our nations and regions, and the issues our communities face. We have helped shape national conversations and progressive policy change for more than 30 years. From making the early case for the minimum wage and tackling regional inequality, to proposing a windfall tax on energy companies, IPPR’s research and policy work has put forward practical solutions for the crises facing society.
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