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Inquest concludes following police shooting of Yassar Yaqub

An inquest into the death of Yassar Yaqub, who was fatally shot by a West Yorkshire Police officer in 2017, has concluded that he was lawfully killed.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) carried out an investigation into the incident, which concluded in December 2019.

On 2 January 2017, while carrying out surveillance as part of Operation Fillview, armed officers in unmarked vehicles forced two vehicles to stop on the slip road at junction 24 of the M62.

The four occupants were challenged by police and Mr Yaqub, 28, was shot three times and died at the scene. The other three men were arrested and a non-police issue firearm was recovered from the footwell of the vehicle where Mr Yaqub had been sitting.

During the investigation, we looked at the actions and decision-making of the officer who fired the shots; the movements of Mr Yaqub at the time the car was stopped; the planning and implementation of Operation Fillview; and West Yorkshire Police’s use of audio and visual recording devices during the operation.

We obtained statements from a large number of witnesses; analysed audio and video recordings; and also considered evidence from the criminal trial in 2018 arising from the arrest of the three men stopped with Mr Yaqub. All police officers involved were treated as witnesses throughout the investigation.

IOPC Director of Major Investigations Steve Noonan recently said:

“Our thoughts remain with the family and loved ones of Yassar Yaqub, as well as all those affected by his death, at this difficult time.

“It is vital that any use of lethal force by police is thoroughly and independently scrutinised. Our independent investigation was comprehensive and detailed, helping provide clarity on the events of 2 January 2017.

“At no stage during the investigation did the evidence indicate that any officer may have committed a criminal offence or breached the standards of professional behaviour.

“The officer who fired the shots gave a clear and credible account, which was strongly supported by other evidence, explaining the use of force to IOPC investigators. Based on the available information, we considered the use of force to be necessary and reasonable in the circumstances as he genuinely and reasonably believed them to be.

“We previously published our recommendations, which were accepted by West Yorkshire Police, based on the findings of this investigation. However, there was no indication the issues we identified had any direct impact on the outcome of the police operation.

“Our work was shared with the coroner and included among the evidence used by the jury in reaching their conclusion, which is consistent with our own findings. I am grateful to them for their careful consideration of this case.

“I would like to once again offer our sincere condolences to Mr Yaqub’s loved ones.”


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