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Investigatory Powers Bill Amendments Passed

Antony Walker, deputy CEO, responds to cross-party collaboration on surveillance legislation.

Recently, amendments to the Investigatory Powers Bill were passed by Parliament.

Commenting on the amendments, techUK deputy CEO, Antony Walker, said:

"It’s good to see genuine cross-party co-operation in the Commons to create surveillance powers fit for 21st century Britain. This spirit of frank and open discussion has resulted in some positive amendments on privacy, judicial oversight for technical capability notices and other vital issues for tech businesses.

"That said, the tech sector still has concerns that the BiIl could undermine the UK’s digital economy. Work remains to be done in the House of Lords on a number of areas, not least ensuring appropriate international agreements are in place to guarantee safe and secure intelligence sharing. Unfortunately, companies are still in the dark as to how they will be affected by the unilateral powers the Bill currently affords.

"I hope government will be open to amendments proposed in the Lords so we end up with the best Bill possible for the UK’s digital economy.”


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