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Join our aggregated contract by 2 December 2022, for support distributing cost of living funding

We are pleased to announce an aggregated call-off contract is now available for use by local authorities in England to support disbursing payments to citizens through government initiatives.

Following on from our update in August, a procurement through our Payment Solutions framework has been completed, with a contract awarded to i-movo Limited to use their Paypoint solution for a funds disbursement service. It will offer a cost-effective way to issue cash or energy credits to citizens by email, letter or SMS. The barcoded vouchers can be redeemed at over 28,000 retailers across the UK.

To take advantage of this service all you need to do is complete a call-off order form with the supplier before 2 December 2022*.

The supplier is also able to offer additional optional services** such as payment direct to the citizen’s bank account. 

The call-off order form

You can download the call-off order form from our website or email to request a copy. Please reference Local Authority Fund Disbursement Aggregation in the subject title.

Customer webinar 

CCS and i-movo Limited will be running a customer webinar from 10.00 am to 11.00 am on Tuesday 15 November, where you can learn more about the benefits and the process. Register for the webinar.

Additional opportunities

We also wanted to let you know about 2 further solutions that will be available from 2 December 2022, to support the disbursement of funds to citizens:

Prepaid cards

Prepaid cards enable you to issue an individual with a prepaid debit card that is ready for 1 time instant use, or is reloadable. The card is pre-funded and can provide accessible payment options, such as ATM withdrawals and online purchases. 

Closed loop vouchers – grocery and non-grocery

An end-to-end retail voucher scheme with suppliers who can provide closed-loop vouchers, also known as gift cards, for multiple retailers. This means that the merchant (retailer) who issues the voucher redeems the voucher. 

You will have the option to directly award to a supplier for either of these options. 

For further information about them please email info, referencing RM6248 Cost of Living in the subject title.

* The call-off is available for immediate use and will expire on 2 December 2024. As the RM3828 Payment Solutions framework expires on 2 December 2022, you and i-movo Limited will need to have signed an order form by then, to ensure you have a compliant call-off in place to use over the next 24 months. You can specify the effective start date of your call-off contract but only local authorities who complete the order form with i-movo Limited by 2 December 2022, will be able to access the services. The order form will be removed from our website after this date.

** We have evaluated the core service as outlined above only. Additional optional services have not been evaluated and should be discussed with i-movo Limited.


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