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LGA responds to report on schools tackling youth mental health crisis

Cllr Roy Perry responds to a report by education think tank LKMco and social enterprise Minds Ahead on what role schools should play in tackling the youth mental health crisis.

“If we are to tackle the crisis in children’s mental health, we need a root-and-branch overhaul of existing services. We need to develop a system that says yes, rather than no, to children when they ask for help.

“This report echoes our call for councils and schools to be given the funding to offer independent mental health counselling, as part of a school’s overall focus on children’s wellbeing, so pupils have access to support as and when they need it.

“Providing just a small proportion of the funding the Government is spending on mental health support nationally on school counselling is one way the Government can ensure every child and young person enjoys the bright future they deserve.”

View report here

Notes to editors

The LGA’s Bright Futures campaign for children and young people’s mental health is calling for services that change children’s lives to be properly funded, so that all children and young people can have the bright future they deserve. For more information visit www.local.gov.uk/about/campaigns/bright-futures.

Original article link: https://www.local.gov.uk/about/news/lga-responds-report-schools-tackling-youth-mental-health-crisis

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