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Let’s talk about cyber security

UK Government agency the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has issued an alert recognising an increase in ransomware attacks targeting the education sector.

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Institutions infected with ransomware have seen their ability to operate and teach effectively significantly affected.

The success of a ransomware attack depends on the level of cyber security in place – the better the cyber security posture, the lower the chance of the attack being successful and causing disruption.

Our partners, Six Degrees have put together a free Education Cyber Security Syllabus which includes three modules that, when followed, will enable you to align your institution to the NCSC’s ransomware guidance:

  • Module 1: Where We Are Today – an overview of the current NCSC alert and threat landscape.
  • Module 2: How To Mitigate The Immediate Threat – immediate steps you can take to mitigate risk of a ransomware attack.
  • Module 3: Developing Your Cyber Security Strategy – a longer term view of your cyber security strategy to continually protect your institution.


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