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London Arcadis boss has big plans for bold CBI policy

Peter Hogg, Cities Director at global design and engineering firm Arcadis, has been appointed as the Senior Council Chair of the CBI Chairs’ Committee, the organisation’s top policy mandating body.

As well as leading and chairing the CBI Chairs’ Committee, Peter will hold an ex officio seat on the CBI Board. The new role provides an important link from membership to the senior CBI team and will ensure that members’ views are heard at all levels of the CBI.

A Chartered Building Surveyor by profession, Peter has spent his entire career in business and has worked for SMEs, large private partnerships and publicly-quoted global businesses. His 30-year career has been spent planning, delivering and operating the assets that make cities perform, not just spatially but socially and economically.

In addition to his business career, Peter is a passionate urbanist dedicated to supporting the community in London. He is a school governor, a trustee of the conservation charity Care for St Annes and a Champion of Creative Estuary – the Thames Estuary Growth Commission’s cultural mission.

Peter Hogg, new CBI Senior Council Chair recently said:  

“At a time of significant political and economic uncertainty, the role of the CBI as a single voice of business to government is more important than ever. I am extremely excited to take on this new role, making sure that the views of members are central to the CBI’s thinking and planning and that the real issues of the business community are heard by government. This new role as part of the CBI’s overhauled governance is good news for the CBI, for the business community and for the country.”

Rain Newton-Smith, CBI Chief Executive Officer, recently said:  

“Arcadis is a valued member and Peter’s personal experience equips him with a wide perspective on the challenges business face at the moment and the role that organisations like the CBI play in effectively linking the private sector to government.

“Peter has been a true ambassador for business and for London and I am confident that by taking on role he will support the CBI in becoming yet more accountable to our membership, ensuring member voices are heard at the heart of our organisation.”


Original article link: https://www.cbi.org.uk/media-centre/articles/london-arcadis-boss-has-big-plans-for-bold-cbi-policy/

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