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Metropolitan Police officer given final written warning over use of force

A Metropolitan Police (MPS) officer who twice punched a man who was being restrained by four officers and in handcuffs has been given a final written warning.

The IOPC launched an investigation after PC Gary Hamilton punched a man who was being brought into police custody in the face. The man sustained a cut to the face and a bleeding nose.

The incident took place on 14 November 2017, after the man was arrested for attempted shop lifting and was taken to Charing Cross police station.

The man behaved violently during the arrest and on his way to custody and a number of officers, including PC Hamilton, were assigned to help take him to a cell.

While he was being escorted from the van into the custody suite the man kicked PC Hamilton and in response he punched the man twice in the face. The man was handcuffed and being restrained by four other officers when the punches were delivered.

Our investigation, which ended in August 2018, concluded PC Hamilton had a case to answer for gross misconduct over the level of force he used.

A file was passed to the Crown Prosecution Service who decided to take no further action.

The Metropolitan Police agreed PC Hamilton had a case to answer and the hearing was scheduled. A panel, having been presented with the evidence, ruled that PC Hamilton’s use of force was unjustified in the circumstances and amounted to gross misconduct

PC Hamilton was handed a final written warning.

IOPC Regional Director Sal Naseem yesterday said:

“The man had previously been behaving in a violent manner and so a number of officers were in attendance and escorting him to the cell. The man aimed a kick at PC Hamilton and in response PC Hamilton struck him twice in the face.

“We concluded PC Hamilton struck the man in a situation where it could be deemed as unnecessary as he had been secured by four other officers.

“The independent panel has agreed this was a serious breach of professional standards and issued PC Hamilton with a final written warning.”


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