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NDA develops ground-breaking programme for waste management

Last week, the NDA group held its first Integrated Waste Management virtual event announcing its plans for an Integrated Waste Management (IWM) Programme.

The NDA’s Radioactive Waste Strategy, published in September 2019, included a commitment to create an IWM Programme, which would enable the whole of the nuclear industry to manage its radioactive waste in a more sustainable, efficient and integrated way, driving greater value for the UK taxpayer.

Corhyn Parr, the NDA’s Director of Integrated Waste Management, yesterday said:

“We’re right at the start of our IWM journey, but we’re looking to reduce the costs of decommissioning, avoiding unnecessary use of resources such as waste packaging conditioning and storage to make our sites safer, sooner.

“Working together, we will create a common approach to radioactive waste management, share good practice and learning from experience – from within the UK and internationally.”

The IWM Programme supports closer and more collaborative working across the NDA group’s waste activities, allowing waste producers to manage their radioactive waste more flexibly and effectively, using proportionate waste management solutions.

During the event, representative from right across the NDA group shared their views on how the IWM Programme holds the potential to deliver real impact.

This was the first opportunity to discuss the new approach of managing radioactive waste with various independent stakeholders, including regulators, local authorities and the supply chain.

Read more about the IWM Programme

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