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NHS Confederation - Life assurance announcement is recognition of ‘selfless service’

Danny Mortimer, NHS Confederation deputy chief executive and NHS Employers chief executive, responded to the Downing Street briefing announcement about life assurance 

“NHS teams are caring for patients with little thought for their own safety. The deaths we have experienced in the last month are a source of enormous sorrow and concern for the NHS family as a whole, and for their immediate colleagues especially. 

“The government rightly provides access to a pension scheme which includes benefits for dependants in the event of an employee’s death.  Unfortunately not all employees are member of the NHS Pension Scheme, and employers have been requesting for some time now that something is instigated nationally to provide life assurance cover during the outbreak. 

“For those team members who are rightly able to access this scheme, this step by the government is enormously welcome, and is an important recognition of the selfless service of the NHS workforce in this present time.”

New guarantee on death in service benefits for frontline health and care staff during pandemic

Original article link: https://www.nhsconfed.org/news/2020/04/life-assurance-announcement

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