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NHS Confederation - Mental Health Network welcomes the Kings Fund report on the cost of treating mental and physical health separately

Stephen Dalton, Chief Executive, Mental Health Network, responded to the King’s Fund’s report today on the £11 billion cost of treating physical and mental health separately

“This work by the King's Fund is important and we agree that health outcomes can be greatly improved by bringing mental and physical care closer together.

“We need to see the mental and physical health care of individuals as two sides of the same coin and which require equal attention, equal funding and coordination at the point of delivery.

“There is now a significant body of evidence that signposts the need for Government to invest in mental health services after years of neglect.

“Our annual conference on Wednesday will explore this idea of greater integration. We believe it’s essential that Government and national bodies look at it in more detail, as it holds great promise for patients.”

View King’s Fund Report:


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