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NHS Confederation - Robust action needs to be taken now to protect people who may be susceptible to the Coronavirus

Darren Hughes, Director of the Welsh NHS Confederation responded to the First Minister for Wales announcement of a “firebreak” lockdown in Wales from 6pm, Friday 23rd October 

“The NHS in Wales is coming under increasing pressure as the number of people being taken to our hospitals with Coronavirus symptoms continues to rise. Sadly we are also sadly seeing the number of people dying with Coronavirus rising as well.

“It is clear robust action needs to be taken now to protect people who may be susceptible to the virus and to protect the NHS in Wales to ensure that it does not become overwhelmed.

“NHS and care staff are working hard not only to treat people with Coronavirus, but also provide for people who need other important healthcare needs too. Providing other services becomes increasingly difficult as cases of Coronavirus rise in hospitals because we need to plan for more patients coming in with the virus, and we also need to take extra hygiene measures to make sure we can keep other areas of our hospitals safe for people to use.

“There are other important indirect health and economic consequences which have come as a result of the pandemic, including the impact on peoples mental health and wellbeing.

“Wales continues to show great resilience and remarkable togetherness. We want everyone in Wales to know we understand their frustrations and we know this is difficult for everyone, but we cannot beat this virus without the support of the public.

“Neither should we forget the extraordinary efforts of NHS and social care staff throughout this time. Their efforts and sacrifices in order to deliver care for everyone who needs it, under extreme pressure, has been nothing short of heroic.”

National coronavirus firebreak to be introduced in Wales on Friday

Original article link: https://www.nhsconfed.org/news/2020/10/robust-action-needs-to-be-taken-now-to-protect-people-who-may-be-susceptible-to-the-coronavirus

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