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National aggregation opportunity for distribution of the Household Support Fund and other funding initiatives

As our local authority customers know, significant challenges can occur when trying to disburse payments quickly and efficiently to people through government initiatives like the Household Support Fund.

The pace at which payments happen has meant some local authorities simply have not had the time or resources to find a supplier that can help them make payments. For suppliers, the sheer volume of requests is also creating challenges.

How we can help local authorities

We have a number of frameworks in place to enable disbursement of funds, either as cash, prepaid cards, or vouchers. To reduce the time and resources required to use these solutions, we would like to develop an aggregated contract solely for local authorities, to be delivered through a single supplier. This will result in a continuous, compliant contract and the combined volumes will allow us to achieve a competitive price based on economies of scale. If you haven’t purchased this way through us before, find out more about our aggregation service.

Even if you have a temporary arrangement already in place, you should still consider taking part in the aggregation as there is no obligation to use. As long as your organisation is named on the contract, you can transition across on a date that suits you.  

Next steps

The next round of funding is expected in October 2022 so we need to move quickly to put an arrangement in place.  

If you are interested in learning more please contact Gemma Waters by Friday 19 August 2022.

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