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New Crown Commercial Service partnership announced with NHS England to centralise energy purchasing and save the NHS £millions on gas and electricity

We’re pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with NHS England to develop and provide a dedicated suite of energy ‘baskets’, through which all NHS trusts can procure their gas and electricity.

The transition to this centralised purchasing approach will deliver a number of benefits, and enable value for money efficiencies – allowing the NHS to reinvest into frontline services and patient care. 

The partnership follows a high-level review by NHS England of NHS trust’s energy contracts, the outcome of which revealed that there are over 200 energy contracts currently in place across NHS trusts. As these contracts can vary significantly in the value they achieve, the outcomes from this review will therefore deliver welcome efficiencies amid rising costs.

The benefits of a centralised purchasing energy strategy for the NHS

  • greater price stability and resilience to external events
  • increased budget predictability
  • greater visibility of energy usage to enable targeting of support to manage areas of inefficiency
  • alignment to best practice energy purchasing, which is already followed by central government and many NHS trusts
  • a common strategic approach for working towards the NHS’s net zero aspirations

David Skinner, Director of Business Development and Customer Experience at Crown Commercial Service (CCS) says:

I’m delighted that NHS England and CCS are entering into a formal partnership agreement to provide a suite of strategies and solutions for trusts.

CCS is passionate about our commitment to our nation’s health service. We very much look forward to developing our partnership with the NHS and continuing to achieve savings for trusts.

Jacqui Rock, Chief Commercial Officer at NHS England says: 

As one of the biggest commercial organisations in the country, buying on behalf of the fifth biggest employer in the world, we have a responsibility to the British taxpayer to ensure that we are making the most of our significant buying power.

By purchasing energy centrally, the NHS can achieve greater value for money and find significant efficiencies to reinvest into front line services and patient care.

Timeline / next steps

Trusts should expect to receive further communications from NHS England and CCS throughout January to outline the next steps.

You can also speak to one of our energy experts to find out how we can support your specific requirements. Please our call customer service team on 0345 410 2222 or email

Don’t forget, you can find a full list of all the commercial agreements we offer, alongside details of how we can help you build policy considerations into your procurement, in our interactive digital brochure.


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