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New UK Semiconductor Institute announced by DSIT

Independent Institute to support UK Semiconductor Industry

Today, DSIT announced plans for a new independent UK Semiconductor Institute to support the sector.  

In building upon the Government’s National Semiconductor Strategy, this new institute will bring together key stakeholders in Government, industry and academia to promote innovation and investment. The UK Semiconductor Institute will align its support to the key areas and goals of the Strategy. 

The Institue aims to support key areas of the UK sector, such as ensuring researchers have access to the equipment and infrastructure needed, including the ability to convert this research into market-ready products. 

Acting as a single point of contact to international investors and researchers, this new Institute seeks to represent and advocate for Semiconductors. 

Expanding on a core focus for the Semiconductor Advisory Panel, the Institute will unite the industry to enhance the specialized skills necessary for sector growth. This initiative will build upon the £4.8 million support for eleven skills programs across the UK announced earlier this year. 

This new institute followed extensive industry engagement, including with the Chips Coalition as the voice for the UK Semiconductor Industry. One year on from the release of the National Semiconductor Strategy, techUK welcomes this announcement and it’s goals to support UK Innovation. 

If the UK is truly hoping to compete internationally on IP and Design, R&D, and compound semiconductors, a strong voice for industry is needed. It is essential that the Government leverages the rhetoric of the National Semiconductor Strategy and this new Institute into action.  To read techUK’s UK Plan for chips, click here. 

“The establishment of a UK Semiconductor Institute is welcomed by techUK and other members of the Chips Coalition, including Global Tech Advocates and TechWorks. We have worked with UK Government to develop the National Semiconductor Strategy and we look forward to turning that strategy into action. “We are confident that this Institute will serve as an authoritative and empowered body. By bringing together government, universities and the private sector, the Institute will be pivotal in advancing R&D, skills development, and fostering international collaboration. This collaboration will secure a robust and innovative future for the UK's semiconductor landscape. “The Chips Coalition looks forward to continuing to engage with the government in this endeavour and to witnessing the positive impact this Institute will have on the UK’s growth.” 

Julian David, CEO


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