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New in the portal: edit and submit colleagues' applications

The updates will make work on the portal more flexible and efficient, better reflecting how conveyancers work.

In November 2022, HM Land Registry became ‘digital by default’. Between then and December 2023, more than 2.6 million digital applications have been submitted either via the Digital Registration Service (DRS) on the portal or by customers using software connected to our services.  We know the age of some of our cases causes problems for customers and for their clients, and we’re working hard to bring this down. The move to digital is an essential tool in helping HMLR to provide quicker registration services.  

Digital applications also make it easier to automate more of our work. Moving away from paper forms, or scanned copies, removes the need for our caseworkers to retype information into our casework systems. This also reduces the risk of human error and means that we can process applications much more quickly.  

Whilst November 2022 was a major milestone for DRS and for HM Land Registry, we want to continue to improve the DRS service as we receive more feedback from customers using the tool.  Some of the improvements added to the service in Autumn 2023 include:  

  • fee calculator that automatically calculates fees, based on transaction, as values are added;
  • collection of all the required values, for transfers not for value, so you have the information needed to process;
  • improved guidance around the specific evidence required for certain applications, such as change of name; and
  • autosave so work is not lost if customers’ computers time out. 

Submit Colleagues’ Applications  

We regularly ask customers how they use our services and what challenges they experience. We have found that many work flexibly and in teams, sharing applications between colleagues.  This allows them to manage workloads, handle staff absences and departures as well as referring applications to supervisors to check. Until recently, this has not been possible to do within DRS.  

Since December 2023 customers, have been able to access colleagues’ applications, complete and submit them as well as transfer applications between colleagues.  

Access DRS

Here is some feedback from customers that have used the new functionality:  

I really like this – it means a Land Registry application will never be missed or forgotten. It will certainly help if we’re training new staff who need to have applications checked before submission.

Karen, Freeths.  

DRS is becoming more user-friendly.

Lucy, Freeths 

You can now edit more details

While portal users have been able to edit some elements of their applications, the fundamental details such as title numbers, property values and applicant details, have been locked. We are pleased to announce that, as of 24 January 2024, you will now also be able to edit these essential “application details” in both your own and your colleagues’ applications: 

  • your reference;
  • applicant details;
  • values and fees;
  • title number(s); and 
  • transactions 

As one of our customers commented recently: 

The improvements to the save and edit function and the ability to be able to reallocate draft applications to a colleague will save a significant amount of time and it will make covering colleagues’ applications while they are on leave etc. much easier.

Lucy, Freeths.  

The ability to both edit all fields and submit your own and your colleagues’ applications will make your work on the portal much more flexible and efficient. You can find out more about Submit Colleagues’ Applications and the new Edit features on the Guidance page


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