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New leadership of the techUK Responsible Business Conduct Group

techUK is delighted to confirm new leadership of our working group on the increasingly vital subject of responsible business. Richard Phillips, Managing Director, Accenture Legal Group and Moira Thompson -Oliver, Human Rights Lead at Vodafone Group have been appointed as Co-Chairs and Simon Murray, Group Responsible Sourcing Manager, Currys will serve as Deputy Chair. We’re very excited to have such expert leadership and we also pass on our thanks to Julian Lageard from Intel who has led this group for ten years.

techUK’s responsible business conduct group monitors the best practice, emerging issues and the evolving policy framework around responsible business conduct, with a particular focus on human rights and environmental supply chain due diligence, ESG reporting, international labour laws and responsible sourcing of materials and minerals. The ESG reporting angle and corporate governance approaches will become more important as different governments and standards bodies introduce a myriad of frameworks, and this group will develop best practice and knowledge for helping the sector respond to the policy, governance and operational challenges of responsible business. This agenda will only become more important as regulations and obligations pass through the supply chain and being considered ‘responsible’ becomes a condition of winning business.

For tech firms specifically there’s also increasing convergence with digital rights and the end use of tech too, so we expect to more closely collaborate with our wider work on trade regulation and digital ethics. With many firms, including in the tech sector, struggling to identify what ‘responsible business’ means for them, we encourage members to sign up and get involved with this group.

“I am very proud to have this opportunity to co-chair techUK’s Responsible Business Group.  The Group is a fantastic forum that brings together the UK’s leading technology firms to help collectively drive sustainable change.” - Richard Phillips, Director of the Geographic Compliance & Corporate Group – Europe, Accenture Legal

techUK members wishing to get involved can email or sign up via the website here. Membership is open to all employees from any function within techUK member businesses.

techUK – Committed to Climate Action

By 2030, digital technology can cut global emissions by 15%. Cloud computing, 5G, AI and IoT have the potential to support dramatic reductions in carbon emissions in sectors such as transport, agriculture, and manufacturing. techUK is working to foster the right policy framework and leadership so we can all play our part. For more information on how techUK can support you, please visit our Climate Action Hub and click ‘contact us’.

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