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Nuclear Decommissioning Authority: Annual Report and Accounts 2016 to 2017

The report reviews a strong year of progress for the NDA as it advances its mission to clean up and decommission 17 of the UK’s oldest nuclear sites.


The NDA’s total spend in 2016/17 was £3.2 billion, with over £1 billion in revenue being generated through commercial activity.

David Peattie, Chief Executive Officer of the NDA, said:

This has been one of the NDA’s most challenging years, but also one in which significant progress was made in cleaning up the UK’s 17 oldest nuclear sites.

Despite £100 million in legal and settlement costs arising from the Magnox litigation, the NDA has stayed within its allocated budget of £3.3bn.

The NDA’s decision to make Sellafield Ltd a wholly owned subsidiary is delivering increased value for the UK taxpayer, with over £200 million in savings made in 2016/17 at the Sellafield site.

Significant progress has been made in nuclear decommissioning across the UK. At Europe’s largest and most complex nuclear site, Sellafield, contaminated waste is being removed from some of the oldest facilities and treated, packaged and safely stored.

Meanwhile, one of the Magnox sites, Bradwell in Essex, is close to becoming the first nuclear site in the UK to complete all its near-term decommissioning and enter into a ‘Care and Maintenance’ phase.

The report, which is the first since David Peattie became CEO in March 2017, also highlighted a number of areas for concern including aspects of safety performance which need to improve to meet the high standards of performance the NDA expects.

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