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Postal scam using fraudulent CTSI branding targets public

The Chartered Trading Standards Institute has been made aware of a postal scam mimicking the Institute, which informs the victim that they have been exposed to a company that CTSI has allegedly investigated.

The phoney letter clad in CTSI branding informs the recipient that insurance scammers have been caught and that the recipient should fill in a "creditors debt form" as part of a bogus compensation scheme. Filling out the form puts the finances of the respondent at risk.

CTSI was informed about this scam recently (30 April 2021), and Essex Trading Standards and the Police are currently investigating it.

These letters are entirely fraudulent. If you receive this insurance scam letter, please report it to the Financial Conduct Authority and for general help and advice, contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline. The public should be aware that this scam may not only be sent via post but also through email.

CTSI Chief Executive, John Herriman, recently said:

"Over the past year, CTSI has focused on warning and educating the public about emerging scams. It alarms me that scammers are using our trusted brand for such a malicious campaign at a time when we know the public is being bombarded with this type of fraudulent and illegal activity, and which makes everyone feel especially vulnerable.

"The public needs to be on their guard, and CTSI will continue to work alongside our partners in the consumer protection sphere to help defend them from these dangerous scammers."

Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI)

CTSI is a training and membership organisation that has represented the interests of the Trading Standards profession since 1881 nationally and internationally. We aim to raise the profile of the profession while working towards fairer, better informed and safer consumer and business communities.

CTSI's members are engaged in delivering frontline trading standards services in local authorities and in businesses.


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