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Precious Cells International: information for donors, creditors and employees

Information for donors, creditors and employees of Precious Cells International in liquidation.

On Friday 23 November, a winding up order was made against Precious Cells International (company number 07210233), a private tissue bank concerned with storing cord blood samples.

The court appointed the Official Receiver as the liquidator.

Information for donors

Storage facilities have continued to safely store cord blood samples since Precious Cells International entered into administration on 28 March 2018 and the Official Receiver is engaging with them to ensure they continue to do so in the liquidation period.

The Official Receiver is working to recover the company’s records and once we have these we will be able to assist donors to locate their samples so they can decide how best to store them going forward.

Each cord blood sample has a unique code and you will need this to help us locate your sample.

If you no longer have this information you should email the Official Receiverwith the following details:

  • your name and address
  • name of sample donor
  • date sample taken
  • location of where the sample was taken

Once we have secured the company’s records we will be able to tell you your unique code and direct you to the storage facility where your sample is held.

Information for Pharmacells donors

If you have contracted Pharmacells to store your blood samples, you will need to contact the company directly.

Pharmacells is a separate company registered and based in Scotland and not under the Official Receiver’s jurisdiction.

Information for Precious Cells International employees

Former staff working for Precious Cells International were made redundant during the administration.

If you have specific enquiries about your redundancy payments, contact Crowe UK on 01892 700200 or via e-mail.

Anyone worried about their pension situation can ring The Pension Advisory Service (TPAS) on 0300 123 1047 for free and impartial guidance and JobCentre Plus is ready to support any employee find to new employment.

Information for creditors

To register as a creditor you will need to complete a Proof of Debt form and email this to the Official Receiver.

Once you have registered and the Official Receiver receives your proof of debt form they will add you to the list of creditors and include you on future correspondence about the case.

This page is being regularly updated

As the liquidation proceeds we will continue to update this page. Please check back regularly for updates.

Insolvency enquiry line

For information about the insolvency process contact the Insolvency Enquiry Line during office hours. Open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday except Wednesday 10am to 5pm. We can give you general information about: insolvency, what official receivers do and where you can go to get the information or advice you need.

We can’t give you: legal or financial advice, information on specific insolvency cases, information or advice on matters directly relating to other government departments.

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