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President von der Leyen marks the EU's commitment to the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment (PGII) during the event hosted at the G20 in New Delhi

President von der Leyen recently (09 September 2023) spoke at the G20 event on PGII hosted by Prime Minister Modi and President Biden.

She emphasised the EU's key contribution to two new flagship PGII projects:

  • The India – Middle East – Europe Economic Corridor, launched during the event. An agreement formalising this project was signed by the EU, the United States, India, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Corridor will link the three regions through state-of-the-art connectivity infrastructure, helping to bring the economic relationship between them to a new level and providing improved access to goods, energy and data to citizens and businesses. In particular, the project will:
    • Integrate railway lines and port connections from India to Europe, across UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel, leading to smoother and faster transit of goods;
    • Develop energy infrastructure and enable the production and transport of green hydrogen to all partners;
    • Strengthen telecommunications and data transfers thanks to a new undersea cable connecting the region.
  • The Trans-African Corridor will enhance the transport connections between the Katanga region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the so-called “Copper Belt” in Zambia, to Lobito port in Angola. The Corridor will help foster investment in local value chains to transform the extracted raw materials, access to world markets for the products from these regions, and greater mobility opportunities for citizens. The EU is joining forces with the US to promote this Corridor (see separate joint statement by the EU and the US).

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