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RUSI launches NextGen networking initiative

RUSI has announced the launch of its NextGen initiative, a network for young professionals in any sector with an interest in global affairs.

The NextGen initiative is a new, free to join, network where young professionals can come together, understand, and engage in global issues, build a network, and support one another through the early stages of their careers. NextGen will offer events, knowledge sharing and networking opportunities to interested professionals from the UK and beyond in the early stages of their careers.

NextGen will launch on 14 October with an expert panel introducing and discussing Open-Source Intelligence. Open-source intelligence has been at the core of numerous investigations uncovering human rights abuses, sanction violations, disinformation networks, and much more. Hosted and supported by Deloitte, the event will explore how the rapid increase in the public availability of data is transforming the way intelligence is compiled and analysed.

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