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Recent rainfall and problems created by flooding

Blog posted by: James Marshall, Sector Marketing Manager – Public Sector, 23 October 2023.

Last weekend, many parts of the UK felt the full force of Storm Babet, causing devastation to property and land, with nine people tragically losing their lives. Over 1,200 homes were flooded, after torrential rain and 80mph gales swept up and down the country. 

At time of writing, there are 116 flood warnings in place, with the risk of local river’s banks potentially failing. Any further rainfall that the ground cannot soak up could run off into the rivers and could cause further problems. 

We’re used to wet and windy conditions, but according to recent figures, the UK was drier 50 years ago and now is 9% wetter. It’s predicted we could experience wetter winters and drier summers due to climate change. When rain fall during the summer, there’s potential it could be heavier, increasing the risk of summer flash floods.

UK flood statistics

  • 1 in 6 homes are at risk of flooding
  • Flooding from the sea or river affects 5.2 million properties, while 2.8 million are at risk of surface flooding
  • £30,000 is the average insurance claim for a flooded house in the UK, while a business is £70,000
  • The UK government spend £800 million on flood defense each year

YPO currently has a variety of solutions to support local authorities in tackling the aftermath of Storm Babet and future flooding events.

Buildings Envelope Service DPS -880 

  • Lot 10 – Total Building Envelope Services-Provision of design, supply, project management, installation, restoration and/or maintenance of total building envelope services to include but not limited to architectural services

1004 Purchase and Hire of Plant Machinery, Site Equipment and Plant and Tools Framework

  • Lot 12 Purchase of Pumps and Water Drainage
  • Lot 16 Hire of Small Plant and Tools including Pumps and Water Drainage
  • Lot 17 Hire of Site Accommodation, Storage Units and Welfare Units, Site Fencing and Hoarding, Portable Toilets and Toilet Blocks, Mobile Generators, Fuel and Water Storage Equipment

1170 Specialist Vehicles Framework

  • Lot 18 Purchase and Lease of Pumping Appliances
  • Lot 21 Hire of Specialist Vehicles

We’re also working on a new DPS 1154 Civil Engineering Works and Services.  This new framework will support the public sector flood defense in:

  • Road & Highway Infrastructure
  • Rail Transport infrastructure
  • Flood and Storm management 
  • Renewable energies 
  • Air Transport Infrastructure
  • Water and Utilities
  • Coastal & River Protection
  • Geotechnical and land maintenance (Inc Surveying & Ground investigation) 

If you’re interested in using this DPS to award contracts for your specific requirements, or are a supplier that’s interested in learning more about the scope of this DPS, please contact Charlie.holland@ypo.co.uk.


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