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Record year and quarter for political party donations and loans in Great Britain

In 2019, political parties in Great Britain reported accepting over £113,119,000 in donations, the largest value ever reported in one year, according to new figures published today by the Electoral Commission. This is almost £40 million more than in 2017, the year with the previous largest value of donations. 

In the fourth quarter of 2019 (October to December, covering the UK Parliamentary General Election), 14 political parties registered in Great Britain reported £70,113,414 in donations and public funds.

Seven parties accepted a total of £1,337,718 in public funds in the quarter. 

Quote from Louise Edwards, Director of Regulation

Louise Edwards, Director of Regulation at the Electoral Commission, said: 

“In the final three months of 2019, political parties reported accepting the highest value of donations in one quarter since our records began. The value of the donations accepted by parties in the last quarter exceeded the previous high, from 2017, by almost £28 million.   

“While there is no limit to the value of donations political parties can accept, spending rules are in place during elections to keep the campaign fair. 

“Publishing this data allows voters to see clearly how parties in Great Britain are being funded, enhancing public confidence and trust in our democratic processes.”

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