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Revolving Doors Agency publishes evidence briefing

Revolving Doors Agency has published an analysis of government data that shows Black young adults (18-24) are significantly more likely to be brought into the criminal justice system for relatively low-level and non-violent offences, such as theft or minor drug offences. Rather than being given the support they need, they are swept away into our criminal justice system. HMI Wendy Williams sat on the New Generation Policing Advisory Board, run by Revolving Doors Agency, and contributed to this analysis.

She recently said:

“As the gatekeepers of the criminal justice system, the police have both the responsibility and the opportunity to divert young people from the system wherever appropriate.

“This responsibility must be fulfilled fairly and legitimately. Trust in our police – and the life outcomes of these young people – depend on it.

“But this report raises questions and concerns about racial disparities in how the police decide to deal with the young people with whom they come into contact. Policing must be able to answer these questions, and show how they are actively addressing these concerns.”

Find out more on the Revolving Doors Agency website

Revolving Doors – Racial bias is pulling black young adults into an avoidable cycle of crisis and crime


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