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Safety job opportunities at Dstl

Help keep our people safe as we push the boundaries of cutting-edge science and technology.

Innovation is at the heart of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), where we carry out science and technology work that is vital to national defence and security and ultimately saves lives. It’s complex and sometimes sensitive work which can’t be done anywhere else.

To succeed, we have to conduct our work safely; nothing is more important than the health and safety of our employees, partners and customers.

We are currently recruiting key roles in our Health and Safety and Environmental Protection (HSEP) team to help us meet some of the unique and exciting challenges of our work.

Safety culture at Dstl

Safety is our ongoing top priority and an organisation-wide effort. Every employee has a degree of accountability for their own safety and those they work with, and our people are empowered and encouraged to flag any safety concern.

It’s fundamental that Dstl colleagues are working within an environment they can trust to be safe, not just in terms of the surroundings, equipment and processes, but also safe in terms of them being themselves and able to speak up. Beyond physical safety, we recognise the need for employees to feel psychologically safe.

Every part of our work must be done safely and with regards to physical and mental health, and this is a key consideration in our planning, operational management, leadership and learning.

Our safety culture is all about learning: anticipating new potential risks, identifying existing risks posed within different areas of the business, and effectively training staff and leaders on how to remove or mitigate these risks.

A workplace like no other

Defence science and technology is fascinating work. And due to the nature of our business, Dstl has some high hazard workplaces. So safety at Dstl is relative to the work you are involved on – explosives, chemicals and lasers are just some of the daily hazards we face.

Joining Dstl’s safety team could mean working across the whole organisation, or focusing on one business area – wherever you work, you’ll make an impact and become part of a culture of continuous improvement.

Benefits of working at Dstl

As well as a rewarding career in defence science and technology, Dstl offers a wide range of benefits and training opportunities in a supportive, encouraging and flexible environment.

Apply now

Help enable, facilitate and support the world-class work Dstl does by applying for one of the current opportunities in our Health and Safety and Environmental Protection team:


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