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Take the fear factor out of water bills this Halloween

Never mind ghouls and ghosts – it often only takes the sight of a water bill to give someone a scare if they are struggling to make ends meet.

That’s why the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) is reminding cash-strapped households that it has plenty of tricks up its sleeve to take the fear factor out of bills and help customers save hundreds of pounds.

About one in eight households are bewitched by water bills and say they are unaffordable. But there is now more support available than ever before to slash charges.

Andy White, Senior Policy Manager at the Consumer Council for Water, said: “If you’re struggling to afford water bills you’re not alone – about 3 million households in England and Wales are in the same boat.”

“The good news is there is now more support than ever before for water customers who are struggling to pay their bills which can ease the pressure on household budgets.”

CCWater’s top 3 tricks to cut bills:

TRICK 1 – Switching to a water meter can save some households more than £100 a year and it does not cost a penny to have one fitted. Customers have up to two years to switch back if they are unhappy or not saving money*. Our water meter calculator can help households work out what they might save. Visit

TRICK 2 – All water companies have social tariff schemes designed to help low-income households cut their bills, some by as much as 90 per cent. Our quick and easy guide to social tariffs at explains who is eligible.

TRICK 3 – Using water more wisely is easier than many people might think and can prevent water bills from draining a metered household’s budget. Water companies all offer lots of water-saving freebies. Saving hot water is also a great way to take the heat out of energy bills.

There are lots more money and water saving tricks and tips at

For more information or to arrange an interview with CCWater’s Andy White, please call the media team on 0121 345 1005.

*Some water companies in the South East of England are rolling out universal metering programmes. Customers of these companies do not have the option to switch back to unmeasured charges. Always check with your water company before switching.


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