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Team Lead Succeed – Helping you and your team achieve high-performance teamwork

In March 2022, Nick Fewings, MD of Ngagementworks, published Team Lead Succeed, based on his 30+years of both leading operational and project teams, and subsequently facilitating team development around the world. This event was held on 10 April 2024.

It has become a best seller, with a 96% 5-star review rating, and has been read on 5 of the 7 continents.

In this interactive session, Nick will share learning from Team Lead Succeed that can be applied immediately and make a positive difference to your teamwork.

Nick will share the importance of knowing both WHO is in your team and also HOW effective your teamwork is.

Only 10% of teams achieve high-performance, with 50% being average and 40% dysfunctional.

In this session, delivered by award-winning conference speaker Nick Fewings, and author of best-seller Team Lead Succeed, Nick will share his 30+ years of leading teams and facilitating team development.

Nick has profiled 1,000 of individuals and worked with 100s of teams.

Those attending will benefit from understanding;

  • Why many projects fail to achieve their goals.
  • Not relying on just measuring KPIs.
  • The importance of knowing WHO is in your team, both from a behavioural and technical skills aspect.
  • The 16 areas of high-performance teamwork, and their importance.

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