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The four elements of project management

According to the APM research there are four essential elements that a project manager must adopt in order to be a successful professional.

  1. analysing stakeholder profiles, their expectations and deliverables needed to develop the project in order to deliver a positive outcome
  2. collaboration and open communication to set clear goals and expectations
  3. setting and managing expectations of those involved and interested in projects
  4. partnership with stakeholders in order to achieve project success

All of these critical elements are focused on the important task of communication and engagement. Without this, all projects will suffer from scope creep and loss of focus. The importance on stakeholders and managing their expectations has become more apparent in recent times due to the under estimation of the criticality of managing stakeholders.

The PMO role exists to enable good practice and in turn delivery of projects and their benefits. There are things that the PMO can do to support the project managers in learning, honing, and re-focusing the delivery mind to point more towards its stakeholders.

  • Provide community learning and sharing opportunities for project delivery teams to come together and identify areas of improvement and continue to improve
  • Create toolkits for delivery teams to utilise to ensure a consistent experience for all stakeholders of projects such as templates and access to online tooling
  • Develop clear and concise guidance for delivery teams to promote good practice in the engagement and communication of stakeholders
  • Educate stakeholders and delivery teams alike to ensure that everyone has the same understanding of how projects will engage with them and with each other
  • Utilise the toolkits to define and effect communication from the PMO utilising and developing a community infrastructure through an online PMO hub, providing support, news, and even self service help

In conclusion the skills a project manager needs to be successful are also key for the PMO. The PMO customer base should be treated as such, and utilising these core elements to ensure a positive and collaborative relationship with those involved in, interested, and leading change.


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