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UK commits further support to get aid into Gaza

The Foreign Secretary announces further UK funding to tackle the growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

  • On day two of a visit to Israel and the OPTs, the Foreign Secretary announces further UK funding to tackle the growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
  • In meetings in Israel, Foreign Secretary pressed to open up greater access for lifesaving support including medical supplies and fuel.
  • As the fourth UK aircraft of humanitarian aid arrives in Egypt, the  UK pledges £30 million additional aid funding for Gaza.

Following a series of meetings with senior Israeli politicians on Thursday, the Foreign Secretary’s talks today will focus on how UK efforts can help alleviate the growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza. 

He will also discuss supporting the Palestinian Authority, including through training and capacity building, and look towards a long-term political solution to the crisis.

The Foreign Secretary will also meet aid agencies delivering UK-funded humanitarian support in Gaza.

The Foreign Secretary has announced that the UK will provide a further £30 million in humanitarian aid which will support trusted partners, including UN agencies on the ground, to deliver lifesaving aid to people in Gaza. It brings to £60 million the additional aid announced by the UK for Palestinian civilians since the crisis started in October. 

Foreign Secretary, David Cameron said:

We are hopeful that today will see the release of hostages, and I am urging all parties to continue to work towards the release of every hostage. A pause will also allow access for life-saving aid to the people of Gaza.  

I am proud that a fourth UK flight carrying critical supplies landed in Egypt today, and I can announce new £30m of funding which will be spent on vital aid such as shelter and medical provisions.

It is vital to protect civilians from harm, and we are urgently looking at all avenues to get aid into Gaza, including land, maritime and air routes.

Today’s additional funding comes as the fourth UK aircraft carrying humanitarian aid landed in Al Arish, Egypt, for onward transfer to Gaza. The RAF flight carried 23 tonnes of humanitarian aid, including 4,500 blankets and 4,500 sleeping mats for distribution by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). 

Defence Secretary Grant Shapps said:

The RAF continues to deliver on the UK’s commitment to helping those in need by operating flights into the region to provide urgent humanitarian support which will save civilian lives. 

The UK is driving international efforts to support the humanitarian response in Gaza, working closely alongside partners and allies to de-escalate the situation.

During his visit, the Foreign Secretary continued to urge all parties to make progress on the agreement between Israel and Hamas, brokered by Qatar and Egypt, to allow the release of a number of hostages and a pause in the fighting and ensure the agreement is adhered to in full.

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