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United Kingdom Security Vetting (UKSV): our latest updates

Over recent months we have been working to review and update our guidance and information in relation to National Security Vetting.

We have updated our pages with the latest information and worked to make them clear and informative.

Key changes:

  • the top 10 links at the top of our page provide quick access to the most commonly viewed guidance
  • the flow of guidance has been revised to provide a step by step journey through the vetting process
  • addition of 2 new pages; Existing clearance holders and Privacy and data protection.

We have also added the following new documents:

  • a hints and tips document for how to log into your portal, including information on how to recover or reset your username, password and pin or unlock your account has been added to the guidance for subjects (applicants).
  • a hints and tips document for completing your security questionnaire has also been added to the guidance for subjects (applicants). This document provides advice on how to complete some difficult sections of the form which we have identified as being a sticking point for users
  • a guide for how to conduct a Vetting Status Information check via your sponsor portal has been added to the Guidance for sponsors section
  • a sponsor hints and tips document has been added to the guidance for sponsors section.

Work is on-going and we will update our pages when necessary with the latest information.


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