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Update on PrEP Impact trial in England

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In response to stakeholders, Public Health England (PHE) and NHS England have published an update on the PrEP Impact Trial.

Two important meetings have taken place since our last update in June.

On 29 June, the trial’s Community Advisory Board met in London. The group is made up of representatives from community and voluntary groups representing people living with HIV and experts in HIV treatment and prevention.

The group was originally set up to provide PHE with advice around the co-ordination of an HIV-PrEP public health implementation pilot. The group agreed that, now a large scale trial was being set up, it would become more focussed on providing advice and assurance to the trial. As well as a discussion about its future role and membership, the group:

  • received an update on progress with setting up the trial
  • reviewed and commented on the communications plan for the trial
  • made a number of suggestions about how to ensure the trial engages effectively with communities represented by members and also those communities that may be less engaged with services

On 14 July, the PrEP Programme Oversight Board met. The Board received an update on progress with the trial drug procurement - a number of bids had been received by the closing date and these were now being reviewed in advance of a preferred bidder being selected. Timescales were on track to appoint a supplier by the beginning of August.

The Board also received an assurance that the ethics committee approval was on track and that feedback on the trial budget had been addressed.

The Board reviewed and discussed plans to ensure the readiness of GUMclinics participating in the trial. It was accepted that some clinics would be ready to start providing PrEP sooner than others. However, members of the Board stressed the importance of ensuring that the first wave of participating clinics covered as wide a geographical area as possible and that other clinics came on stream as soon as possible afterwards.

Finally, the Board agreed a set of questions and answers to provide an update on trial progress to be sent out to stakeholders alongside the July stakeholder update. The list of questions and answers will be available on the trial website once it is operational. The next meeting of the Oversight Board is on 3 August and a further update will be provided in due course.

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