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Wales top of the UK for TV viewing

People in Wales watch around four hours of TV a day, Ofcom research reveals, 28 minutes more than the rest of the UK and the other nations. 

  • People in Wales watch half an hour more TV a day than the rest of the UK
  • More than half of Welsh adults watch using on-demand and catch-up
  • Almost three in ten people in Wales enjoy weekly TV binges

Ofcom’s Communications Market Report 2017, published today, reveals differences between the viewing and listening habits of people in Wales compared those in the UK.

While TV viewing is slowly declining, people in Wales still watch four hours on average per day, compared to 3 hours 32 minutes for the wider UK.

Higher viewing in Wales could be explained by Wales’ audience profile; it has consistently had the highest proportion of its viewers (53% in 2016) aged 55 and over, an age group which typically watches more TV than younger people.

Evolving TV habits

Ofcom’s research shows that people in Wales are taking advantage of being able to watch programmes wherever they like.

More than eight in ten (84%) said they like the ability to watch what they want, when they want, and two thirds (67%) said they like watching programmes on-demand to avoid adverts.

The public service broadcasters’ catch-up services are the most popular catch-up services in Wales. BBC iPlayer is used by six in ten (62%) people, and ITV Hub is used by more than four in ten (44%).

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