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Warming Up to Efficiency: Understanding the Potential Benefits and Pitfalls of Data Centre Heat Export in the UK

Access our report examining the potential benefits and challenges of data centre heat export in the UK. 

As the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) prepares to introduce a regulatory framework for heat networks to enable heat network zoning in towns and cities across England, we delve into the potential benefits and pitfalls of using data centres as heat sources.  

The utilisation of data centre heat for district heating networks in the UK holds significant promise, particularly when viewed from sustainability and corporate social responsibility standpoints. Embracing a circular economy model, data centres can redirect surplus residual heat to local heat networks, optimising resource utilisation. This not only aligns with environmental goals but also addresses fuel poverty by providing cost-effective heating to communities in need. 

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This techUK report underscores the industry's eagerness to actively contribute to heat networks, showcasing members’ success stories and highlighting ongoing initiatives.  

It also entails an in-depth exploration of the practical challenges related to exporting data centre heat that must be addressed to ensure effective and sustainable integration. This includes addressing issues associated with seasonal changes, infrastructure proximity, varying occupancy levels, emerging technology, and potentially counterproductive sustainability outcomes.  

The report was submitted alongside our response to the government’s consultation on the proposals for heat network zoning in England.

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