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We are paying the price for the government’s incoherent energy strategy, says IEA analyst

Andy Mayer, Energy Analyst at free market think tank the Institute of Economic Affairs responds to record rises in fuel prices.

“The government’s approach to solving the energy crisis is deeply unserious.

“In the last month motoring groups have warned fuel prices could top £100 for an average car. The energy regulator has forecast our bills year on year will be more than double by the autumn.

“The government’s response has been to increase the cost of oil and gas in the North Sea with a windfall tax and block a test site onshore because they didn’t like the design of a fence.

“Another site, hoping to provide feedstock for the government’s own Net Zero hydrogen experiments, was held up for three years on matters such as loss of amenity to a gypsy camp and a high-end wedding barn.

“Every level of government, from parish councillors to ministers are failing to take the energy crisis seriously. They’re counting carbon atoms in 2050 while the public are counting the holes in their pockets.

“Politicians are actively obstructing individual projects, increasing energy taxes, and not moving fast enough to remove regulatory barriers to future supply. They are relying on expensive dirtier imports to fill the gaps.

“Lifting the moratorium on domestic drilling will help, but without a fundamental review of the planning and consents regime for all types of energy production, including renewables and nuclear, nothing will happen quickly.

“We will all pay the price. A serious rethink is required”

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