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Wettest October on record for eastern Scotland

Eastern Scotland had its wettest October on record in a series which goes back to 1836, with some counties seeing well over twice their average rainfall for the month, according to provisional Met Office figures.

Eastern Scotland broke its record for rainfall in October, with 235.9mm of rain being 82% more than its average. There were significant and very severe flood impacts in the area during Storm Babet, with two red rain warnings issued by the Met Office.

In more granular detail, Angus, Dundee, Fife and Kincardineshire were among a number of counties that recorded their wettest October on record as Storm Babet followed early month exceptional rainfall in a sodden period for many.

A month of rain

The UK had over a third more rain than average with 171.5mm (40% more than average) in what was provisionally the joint-sixth wettest October on record.

Northern Ireland had its fifth wettest October on record with 191.8mm being 68% more than its average. England had its eighth wettest on record with 147.2mm of rain, which is 63% more than average.

In addition to some counties in the east of Scotland; Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire and the Isle of Wight also provisionally had their respective wettest October on record. In Northern Ireland, counties Armagh and Down also had their wettest October.

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