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Win Lindy Hopper Dancers For Your 75th VE Day Anniversary Event

English Heritage will send 1940s-style dancers across the country 75 years after peace in Europe was first celebrated.

English Heritage is calling on the nation to ‘Dance for VE Day’ to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe. 

Over the May bank holiday, the Charity will lend some swing-time spirit to the nation’s celebrations by sending hundreds of expert lindy-hoppers to join community events and street parties in all 48 counties of England.

Whether it’s a party in a park, a tea dance in a Town Hall, or even a knees-up in a Nissen hut, successful applicants can add dance lessons and performances to their regional celebrations. 

Applications are invited from event organisers and individuals throughout the country can apply from today until 8 March.

Anyone can make an application, and English Heritage is especially interested to hear from those planning to get the whole community involved in celebrations, regardless of age and ability.

After the closing date, one application from each county in England will be selected to get dancing for the VE Day Bank Holiday weekend (8-10 May). 

What is The Lindy Hop?

‘Dance for VE Day’ is part of the national VE Day 75 celebrations to mark the unique moment in English history when communities across the country spontaneously came together in joy and reflection following more than five years of conflict.

In towns, cities and villages throughout England, people marked the victory on 8 May 1945 by taking to the streets to celebrate with singing and, of course, dancing. As recalled in Melody Maker’s account of the revels: 'From one end of the country to the other, people, relaxing after nearly six years of the most terrible anxieties wanted to dance'. The Lindy Hop was the dance craze of the day. 

Inspired by jazz, tap and the Charleston, Lindy Hop was introduced to the UK by the American soldiers stationed here during the Second World War. It was the perfect mood enhancer during difficult times and quickly became a firm favourite in the dance halls of Britain. On this VE Day anniversary weekend, English Heritage aim to bring this feel-good dance to community events across the country. 

Nancy Hitzig, Dance for VE Day Creative Director, said:

“The “Lindy Hop” is a dance that originated in the late 1920s and early 1930s in Harlem, New York City and gained popularity with the arrival of travelling soldiers during the Second World War.

“It is a joyful, social dance, with elements of Charleston, jazz and tap.  But its most important feature is that you dance to swing music - whether alone or with a partner, it doesn’t matter.  Images and accounts from the forties show the uplifting effect of music and dance on wartime morale and if we can evoke even some of this spirit when we send our Lindy-Hoppers out to join celebrations in every county of England, we’re sure everyone will have a ball.”

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