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Winter Essential Frameworks from ESPO

With it being a challenging year for most of us, the winter season itself can often bring with it an array of additional problems. From wintry weather conditions such as icy roads, limited driving vision to an increase of pests and rodents, these are just some of the type of issues we face as we come into the winter months.

To help you and your organisation get through the winter season, we have highlighted a range of easy to use and free-to-access frameworks to keep you going and safe for the cold months ahead.

As we fast approach winter, it may not be long before the roads become icy and the demand for salt gritting increases. ESPO’s De-Icing Salt & Associated Products/Services framework (220) covers the supply and delivery of various grades and types of bulk salt for highway de-icing purposes, bagged salt and other de-icing products on a national basis. The framework can cater for your specific requirements and help decrease the chances of accidents this winter.

“ESPO has carried out this service efficiently and effectively for many years in a very successful manner. ESPO were helpful in implementing changes to the service specification which has helped in better monitoring of costs”

David Davies, Principal Maintenance Engineer, Lincolnshire County Council & Head of National Winter Service Research Group (NWSRG)

Framework 59 offers a quick and competitive route to the purchase of street lighting luminaires, street lighting columns and associated ancillary products and services on a national basis - helping to keep you on the road and safe this winter.
Find out more about the framework, how to access it and more information on the suppliers listed here.

Renewed and improved, this framework offers access to the outright purchase, supply and delivery of various specialist vehicles on a national basis. This includes but not limited to; refuse collection vehicles, sweeper vehicles (road and precinct/compact), winter maintenance vehicles (gritters), gully emptiers, customised vehicles (e.g. mobile libraries), minibuses, buses and coaches, skip loaders and fire & rescue vehicles.

“Very straightforward to make the direct award and ESPO were helpful in facilitating the transaction.”

Richard Shepherd, Shared Contracts and Procurement Manager, Breckland Council and South Holland Council.

This framework provides supply and delivery of a comprehensive range of lubricating oils (including engine, transmission, agricultural, hydraulic and compressor), greases, antifreeze and related ancillary items, across the whole of the UK.

To access this framework, you can place a direct call off order with any supplier on the framework based on the terms outlined in the User Guide and Price Schedule.

Waste management and recycling are necessary all year round but during the winter season we can often produce more waste than any other time throughout the year.

Framework 379 provides collection and disposal services for common waste and recycling, help you to manage your waste during the winter season. There is also a dedicated food waste collection and recycling service available which offers further opportunity to reduce costs, whilst also helping to meet environmental aspirations by supporting the zero waste to landfill initiative.

Although this framework is widely used in the summer months it can be highly beneficial for organisations in the winter too. Offering products and services in a range of grounds maintenance machinery including but not limited to:

  • Chainsaws
  • Blowers (snow, leaves)
  • All-terrain vehicles
  • Water pumps
  • And so much more!

The framework also provides the option to call-off for spare parts, associated products and planned maintenance programs.

As the weather gets colder pests and rodents find a way to come into buildings. Our Pest Control Products and Services framework (150) is split into three dedicated Lots to help you find the best solution:

  • Lot 1 - Supply of Pest Control Products
  • Lot 2 - Proactive & Reactive Pest Control Services
  • Lot 3 - Emergency Reactive Pest Control Services

You can form an on-going contract for pest control services (via Lot 2), or call-off with a chosen supplier for ad hoc requirements and in an emergency situation to deal with a one-off infestation (via Lot 3).

Take a look at our Energy related frameworks including our Energy Bill Validation Service, where Energy experts are able to examine your invoices to see whether you are being billed as per the contract agreed and for only the energy which you have used.

Energy Bill Validation Service
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Other Liquefied Gas Fuels (92)
Mains Gas (192)
Electricity (191B/C)

For more information please contact our Energy team on or 0116 294 4042.

Did you know? All of our frameworks are free to access and easy to use; offering significant reductions in procurement time and costs.

Our framework range covers all your buying essentials, from building materials, consultancy services, fire safety products to secure shredding, catering services and electronic office supplies.

Click here to see our full list of frameworks.

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