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Your Water Your Way: Extra free help, straight to your door

Your Water Your Way

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For a week, beginning on 21 March, we will be raising awareness of the extra free help available for water customers in vulnerable circumstances, also known as Priority Services with our campaign Your Water Your Way.

Covid-19 and the recent storms has been a reminder for us all that people’s circumstances can change quickly along with their need for support. That is why it is important as many people as possible know about the help available. Despite this, almost half of people in England and Wales are unaware that they can register for free additional support from their water company and less than 1 in 4 people are aware of financial support available from their water company. – We want this to improve.

What help is available

We all need a bit of extra help now and then. For some of us, this is a short-term need, for others, it may be that they need a bit of extra help all the time – that’s why water companies have the Priority Services Register. During our, Your Water Your Way week, we will be sharing information about the help available for customers, and how they can access the support, they need.

There is currently a wide range of help on offer to support a variety of needs, this includes:

  • Emergency water supply – if you have no water and cannot get to a collection point or need it for medical reasons.
  • Password scheme – register a password that the water company will use if they need to call at your property.
  • Help with reading your water meter.
  • Alternative language documents.
  • Interpreter services.

Who would benefit from registering on the Priority Services Register?

Anyone can register for extra help if they need it, but Priority Services may be most useful to people whom:

  • Have limited mobility
  • Have a sight, speech, hearing or cognitive impairment such as dementia.
  • English is not their first language
  • Have a serious illness
  • A medical need for water, such as dialysis patients
  • Have a mental health condition.
  • Are pregnant or have small children.

You can find out about the full range of extra support available by visiting our Priority Service Page. If you would like to know more about how you can register, get in touch with your water company for details.

Help us spread the word

Head over to your social media channels and follow the hashtag #YourWaterYourWay to find out more about the campaign and help us spread the word by sharing our content and joining in the conversation.


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