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Climate Tech: The Innovators

In this new report techUK has brought together some of the brightest minds in climate technology, showcasing what can happen when an environmental ethos is paired with entrepreneurial flair.

The consensus is that anthropogenic climate change needs solving, the question is how best to do that. Covering such diverse realms as IoT, quantum computing, digital twins and artificial intelligence, this collection of essays displays the art of the possible, an antidote to climate pessimism just in time for COP26.  

Read the full report here

Every day, developments in digital technologies are pushing the boundaries of what is possible. This report demonstrates how the ingenuity of the tech sector is being increasingly applied to the climate crisis. Digital technologies are, of course, only part of the solution to address, manage and reverse the impact of climate change, but they undoubtedly provide us with some incredibly powerful tools to support the transition to a zero-carbon economy.

Julian David, CEO, techUK

Each essay outlines the climate concerns of their authors, speaking from their own experience and backed up by the science. Each presents their own unique way of addressing climate change, conceits only possible with the large amount of technical knowhow that they have to offer. The results offered are demonstrative of the best that technocratic climate solutions have to offer.  

Along with the emissions reductions that we all know are so crucial, scaling up of tech innovations such as these are likely to be a crucial part of the puzzle. The efforts made for the commercial viability of such solutions are nothing less than inspiring.  

These essays are something that we at techUK are extremely proud of. Not only because of the extraordinary amounts of time and effort that has gone into their conception, but because of the risks that tech entrepreneurs in our membership have taken to address such a difficult, and sometimes contentious, issue. There are no guarantees when it comes to private sector initiatives on the environment, which makes leadership in this area all the more valuable. We hope that these essays become the start of further tech engagement with issues relating to the environment and sustainability. It’s clear that tech has a lot to offer.

Craig Melson, techUK, Associate Director for Climate, Environment and Sustainability

Read the full report here

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