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Get involved in techUK’s Local Public Services Innovation Week

Call for guest blogs from members and stakeholders on #LPSInnovation, looking at how digital innovations can transform local public service outcomes.

techUK members and local government stakeholders are invited to contribute to techUK’s Local Public Services Innovation Week, which will take place from Monday 22-Friday 26 May 2023.

During the week, we will showcase the innovation happening across local government and explore the emerging technologies and conditions needed to transform the delivery and outcomes of local public services.

Each day during the week, there will be a different topic with blog posts and videos (#LPSInnovation) on each theme. We invite you to contribute to one of the topics outlined below.

If you would like to contribute, we require a blog piece of around 400-600 words, a blog title, and a 150-character description for the sub-title. If you would prefer, you can also submit a video of no more than 90 seconds. Please email by 12 May which topic you’d like to contribute to, so we can confirm you in our content calendar.

You can read our contributor guidelines in more detail here. The blogs and video content will be featured on the techUK website and promoted via Twitter and LinkedIn throughout the week. Please send your blog or video to no later than 17 May.

During the week, techUK will host its inaugural Local Public Services Innovation Summit. It will take place on 24 Mat at techUK. Attending is free for members and the public sector, so register now to secure your in-person ticket.

Council of the Future

What does the council of the future look like, and how can we reimagine service delivery to create places where citizens want to live, thrive, and work? What role can tech and data play in delivering the council of the future? How do the councils of the future communicate effectively with their residents?

Emerging Technologies

We explore the technologies transforming the delivery of our local public services and helping to solve some of the most pressing problems our communities and places face. This day will be an opportunity to demystify and showcase what those technologies are and how they can be deployed and share use cases and better understand the problems emerging technologies can help solve.

Creating an innovation-friendly ecosystem

How do we create the conditions for innovation and technology to thrive? How do we create the conditions needed for meaningful collaboration and showcase that it is possible? What are the behaviour changes or skills gaps that need to be addressed to support the creation of a space where innovation can thrive? We will also explore council leaders' role in creating a culture of innovation and empowering teams to do things differently.

Data-driven innovation

Exploring everything from opening up data to unlocking insights to proactively meet the key challenges facing local areas and places to use data insights better to deliver solutions that meet the needs of citizens. Showcasing examples of where data transparency, interoperability and systems communication across public services positively impacted outcomes.

Collaborating for success

The opportunity innovation presents goes beyond transactional and efficiency. Meaningful innovation is driven by collaboration. Collaboration between teams and citizens, and technology suppliers. How councils can work and consult with residents to co-design solutions relevant to their local needs. An opportunity to share where collaboration and smart partnering has delivered success.

We look forward to reading and posting your blogs!

Georgina Maratheftis

Associate Director, Local Public Services, techUK

Georgina is techUK’s Associate Director for Local Public Services

Ileana Lupsa

Programme Manager, Local Public Services and Nations and Regions, techUK

Ileana Lupsa is the Programme Manager for Local Public Services and Nations and Regions, at techUK.

Tracy Modha

Team Assistant - Markets, techUK

Tracy supports several areas at techUK, including Cyber Exchange, Cyber Security, Defence, Health and Social Care, Local Public Services, Nations and Regions and National Security.

Local Public Services Innovation Summit

Attend techUK’s inaugural Local Public Services Innovation Summit where we will convene local authorities with tech industry on what more needs to be done to harness innovation and create a catalyst for change for the sector. It will also be an opportunity to showcase good practise and facilitate greater collaboration between councils and industry.

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Local Public Services Programme

techUK's Local Public Services Programme provides the forum for local public services to engage with industry to better understand the innovations out there, horizon-scan how the technologies of today and tomorrow can re-imagine local public services and solve some of the most pressing challenges our communities and places face. It also helps connect suppliers with each other, identify new business partnerships to help grow an ever thriving local government ecosystem.

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Social Care Working Group

The Working Group acts a neutral forum for knowledge exchange across the supplier base and for public sector stakeholders to engage with the market. While identifying common challenges and solutions and offering the opportunity to leverage synergies to partner as often an ecosystem approach is needed to solve a problem.

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