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techUK and TechWM strategic agreement announcement

We are delighted to announce that techUK and TechWM have signed a new strategic agreement to accelerate regional tech economy! 

This is the first strategic agreement for techUK with TechWM, as well as the first agreement for techUK with any region in the UK, and it has been announced during the West Midlands Tech Review in Wolverhampton during UKTech Week.  

This agreement marks an important step in fortifying the region's technological expertise and fostering the growth of tech-driven enterprises, as we synergise our efforts towards amplifying the West Midlands' tech sector while collaboratively addressing key challenges such as funding, skills acquisition, and digital integration.

This strategic alignment not only empowers the local tech industry but also provides it with a direct pathway to join techUK, securing a robust national platform for advocacy, innovation, and market access, all while remaining deeply engaged with the regional ecosystem through TechWM.

techUK is committed to ensuring the strength of tech companies – large and small - from across the UK’s nations and regions are at the heart of our work and national policy decision making.


In our pursuit of this goal, we recognise the significance of empowering our members with a robust national platform and network, while fostering close collaborations with influential voices and initiatives, particularly in dynamic hubs like the West Midlands, which boasts the fastest-growing tech sector in the UK. Formalising our partnership with TechWM is a pivotal step towards unlocking the full potential of this region, nurturing its tech ecosystem, and amplifying its impact on the broader tech landscape.

Julian David

CEO, techUK

At TechWM, our goal has always been to give businesses the tools they need to reach their goals and support their ambitions. Partnering with an incredible organisation like techUK is exactly the kind of steps we need to be taking to further empower businesses across the region.


Despite encouraging growth, there’s still a number of hurdles facing the frontier of tech innovation. From funding to skills acquisition to digital integration, this strategic alignment is designed to create a pathway from our regional support network to join the likes of techUK providing a national platform for advocacy, innovation, and access.


It’s incredibly exciting to be able to work alongside people who share our long-term vision and feel the same excitement we do around the potential of tech businesses in the West Midlands, and we can’t wait to see what a milestone partnership like this yields for the fantastic businesses flourishing across the region.

Yiannis Maos

Founder and CEO, TechWM

In October 2024, we will collaborate on activities part of Birmingham Tech Week, UK’s largest regional tech festival and conference, so do get in touch if you are a techUK member and you are interested in being part of the tech week. More details about Birmingham Tech Week can be found here.

If you are interested in becoming a techUK member you can find here more info about the benefits of our membership and getting in touch with us.

To learn more about our work within the Nations and Regions programme please visit our hub for more information.

You can learn more about TechWM, their work in the region, and join their community here.

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